Corporate Milestones

Corporate Milestones

In 2011
Listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Stock code 002598.
Turbo Blower Division was established.

In 2010
Was awarded with the title of “Chinese Famous Brand”.

In 2009
Finished the enterprise reform to become a stock company.

In 2008
EURUS BLOWER, INC. was set up in America.
Industrial Pump Division was set up.

In 2007
Pneumatic Conveying Division was set up.

In 2006
MB & ZG Roots type Blowers were developed by introducing American technology.

In 2005
Moving to Mingshui Economic Development Zone of Zhangqiu City from the down town of the city.

In 2000
The first multi-stage blower was produced.
A Sino-Japanese Joint venture “Shandong Fenghuang Foundry Co., Ltd’’ was set up to produce casting iron.

In 1996
A Sino-Japanese joint venture “ Shandong Zhanghuang Machinery Industry Co., Ltd” was set up to produce SSR Roots type Blowers
RR Roots blowers were introduced from Japan.

In 1994
The first Cement Mill was produced.

In 1988
The full line of Series L Roots type blowers was produced.

In 1980
Model L20 Roots type blower was developed.

In 1969
Model LG40 Roots type blower was developed.

In 1968
The company was born.