Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

We are a creditable public company with over 50 years of history on researching and producing blowers , and have become one of the most important blower manufacturers in the world . We set up EURUS BLOWER , INC in America and two  Sino-Japanese joint ventures in China .

The Company ’s main products are Roots Blowers , Turbo Blowers , Multi-stage Centrifugal Blowers, Centrifugal Fans, Slurry Pumps, Mills, Pneumatic Conveying Equipment and Systems. And have been awarded the ISO9001 Certificate,  ISO14001

Certificate , GB/T28001 Certificate  .

We exported to over 70 countries all over the world including EU and North America . We focus on manufacturing products and offering service to satisfy our customers .

Providing the perfect product/solution to the customer is our premise to live on .

Like Roots type blowers, MB/ZG/ZZ Heavy Duty Blowers of American technology are available to meet the standard of North America and EU market ; RR/ZR heavy duty blowers of Japanese technology are available to meet the demands of delivering

different gas ; ZZ/ZW/SSR economy blowers are available to fulfill the requirement of saving investment .
Every year almost 10000 pcs blowers are produced and delivered to our distributors, OEMs and end users in the world . We invite you to be the one of our customer or share holder .