Low price Ceramic Slurry Pump introduces the knowledge of the selection of the cylinder liner material of the mud pump
Some important parts of mud pumps are difficult to maintain, and cylinder liners are especially important. Because the working surface of the cylinder liner is in contact with high-temperature and high-pressure gas, there is a piston ring that reciprocates at high speed on its surface. This determines that the cylinder liner must not only have sufficient strength and rigidity, but also need high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance. damage.
Low price Ceramic Slurry Pump talks about common problems in mud pump operation
The water pump vibrates. The reason may be that the pump shaft is not concentric with the diesel engine (or motor), the impeller is unbalanced, and the bearing is damaged. It can be solved by adjusting the concentricity, making a balance test of the impeller, and replacing the bearing.
Ceramic Slurry Pump Manufacturers china talks about the cause of leakage of slurry pump packing
Among many fillers, asbestos fillers are currently relatively widely used fillers. After drying and hardening, a lumpy phenomenon will form. This will make the contact area between the mud pump and the pump shaft larger.
Ceramic Slurry Pump Manufacturers china introduces the precautions for mud pumps
Before starting the mud pump, please check whether the inlet and outlet pipes are blocked, whether the front and rear bearings are filled with butter, and check whether the packing is full. The mud pump should be equipped with a high-pressure clean water pump when it is working. The clean water that is greater than the pressure of the mud pump should be delivered to the anti-leakage packing to protect the packing. The flushing pump must not be turned off when the mud pump is working, otherwise the sealing part will be quickly worn.
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