Classification and characteristics of rotary feeders

This article introduces the classification and characteristics of Rotary Feeder

Rotary feeder is mainly used for conveying powdery materials. Its characteristic is that the working components rotate around a fixed axis. There are screw type, roller type, impeller type, disc type and vibrating type of feeders.

Compared with the general screw conveyor, the screw rotary feeder has the following characteristics: the pitch and length of the feeder are smaller, and the intermediate bearing can not be set; Trough is not like the U-shaped conveyor, screw feeder has two kinds of single tube and double tube. According to the screw structure, it can be divided into double screw feeder, variable pitch feeder and gradually larger diameter feeder.

When the drum is rotating, the material under the discharge port of the storehouse is driven by friction and falls with the drum, and is discharged evenly from the discharge port of the storehouse. Rotary feeder is suitable for all kinds of materials. Smooth roller is used for granular materials with good fluidity, and angular roller is used for bulk materials. The production capacity can be adjusted by changing the rotating speed or adjusting the opening of the baffle, which has the advantages of continuous and uniform feeding.

The impeller rotary feeder has a shell which can connect with the storage and receiving equipment. The middle part is the impeller rotor, which is driven by a separate motor through the sprocket. When the rotor does not move, the material cannot flow out; When the rotor rotates, the material can be unloaded with the rotation of the rotor.

The rotary feeder is provided with a rotating disc, and a telescopic sleeve which is sheathed on the discharge port of the storage bin is arranged above the disc. The height between the movable sleeve and the disc can be adjusted by the screw. The materials fall from the storage to the disk and pile up into a truncated conical pile. When the transmission device drives the horizontal disc to rotate through the vertical shaft, the material is scraped off by the fixed scraper and discharged into the discharge pipe. A disk shell is installed under the disk. The disk shell has a circle of disk edge which is higher than the disk surface around the periphery of the disk, so as to prevent the materials from falling from the disk. When the material particles fall into the disk shell, the ash scraper rotating with the disk can scrape these materials to the discharge port, so as to prevent the accumulation and blocking.


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