HFXS Wear Double Suction Pumps

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HFXS Wear Double Suction Pumps


  Series HFXS pumps are a kind of wear resistance single-stage double-suction centrifugal pumps with horizontal split-case. And it is our new products for delivering the liquid containing solid powders. The parts contacting the liquid are wear resistance material, reliable mechanical seals are applied for shaft seals, and there is no leak inside the pump.

  Applying solid-liquid two-phase theory to the pump impellers to get the better efficiency. By using the liquid inside the pump to cool the mechanical seals, it is not necessary to connect the outside water for cooling.

  Flow Q: 112~10800m3/h
  Pressure Head H:8.5~140m

  Used in factory, mine, municipal water system, municipal engineering, irrigation works etc. fields.

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