TZJL Submersible Slurry Pumps

TZJL Submersible Slurry Pumps


  TZJL pumps are vertical type, the product is fixed above the slurry pool by the mounting plate, only the pump head is dipped in the slurry liquid, bearing and supporting parts are all above the pool, and the shaft seal is not necessary. The length in the liquid can be adjusted at a certain range based on the actual situation, the maximum length can reach 3 meters in liquid. High chromium alloy is applied to Pump head, casing, impeller and cover, the impeller adopts the semi-open type, which has of wear resistance and corrosion resistance and better grain through ability. The stirring device is equipped at the front end of the pump head for the dense liquid applications.

  Flow Q: 11~400m3/h
  Pressure Head H:76~50m

  Coal preparation,Mineral Dressing, steel plant, and non-ferrous metal metallurgy.

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