Three Drum Dryer

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Three Drum Dryer


  For drying clinker, sand, coal, fly ash, iron powder, ore, quartz sand and etc granular materials.
  1、Thermal retardation cylinder, thermal efficiency is 95%
  2、Length is 50% shorter than Single Drum Dryer that will save the civil work investment about 50%.
  3、The cylinder material is heat resisting and wear resisting steel plate, long operating life and convenient maintenance.
  4、High thermal efficiency, cylinder exterior surface temperature≤60℃.
  5、Low outlet temperature, long operating life of dust catcher. Can be connected to pulsed bag dust catcher directly;
  6、Driven by Supporting Roller, no gears, running steadily and simplified the system.
  7、Drying material size: ≤20mm diameter
  8、Finished product moisture content degree can be adjusted.

  Rotary Speed: 3.5m/min~5.8m/min
  Capacity: 20t/h~100t/h

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