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Centrifugal Fan

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Centrifugal Fan

Brief Introduction:
Besides standard product: Low Pressure Centrifugal Fan, Medium Pressure Centrifugal Fan, and High Pressure Centrifugal Fan, we also provide the “Tailor Made” design based on the actual performance requirements, which achieve the maximum matching of the economy and performance of fan operation.

Product Feature:
1, We design and manufacture the industrial centrifugal fan relying on the domestic fan industry renowned experts and famous university scientific research technology, includes the advanced technology selection, modular design, the manufacture process quality control and on-site commissioning.
The whole technology adopts computerized "Tailor Made" mode of optimal selection of design to provide customers with quality products, and provide technical upgrade for the applied centrifugal fan, optimizes the performance, and improves the economy and reliability during the operation.

2, High Efficiency: The highest operating efficiency of the centrifugal fan can reach 90%, the efficiency of our product is 5% higher compared with the conventional designs in China, which can receive obvious economic benefits from energy saving.

3, Wide Performance Range: "Tailor Made" design according to the parameters given by the user, modular designed to make the centrifugal fan exactly match the parameters, and make it run in the highest efficiency zone.

Performance Range:
Capacity: 1~800 m3/s   Pressure: 300~50000Pa

Main Application:
Widely used in power station, environmental protection, mining, metallurgy, petrochemical, subway, tunnel and wind tunnel and other industries.

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