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2BV Series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump and Compressor

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Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

2BV Series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump and Compressor

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

2BV series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump is single stage pump that motor shaft and pump shaft is coaxial mounted. Shaft seal adopt mechanical seal with the advantages of simple structure, convenient installation, oil free and safety.

2BV series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump is suitable for extracting gas and wet vapor, the suction pressure could achieve 33mbar(A)(vacuum degree 97%).2BV Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump should be protected by connecting cavitation protection piping when it is working under the condition that the suction pressure is lower than 80mbar long term. The maximum suction pressure could achieve 10mbar if the pump equipped with atmospheric ejector, the ejector could installed on the inlet of the pump used as a compressor and the maximum available pressure is 0.26Mpa(A).

2BV series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump and Compressor are widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmacy, food, sugar industry, etc.

The pump is not easy to explode when the flammable and explosive gas is compressed and extracted as the compression process of gas is isothermal in the working process, the application is more widely.


Main characteristics:

1. Motor and pump are connected by coupling directly is space-saving and easy installation.

2. All pumps adopt foreign brand mechanical seal.

3. All pumps are equipped with cavitation protection pipe interface, opening the protection pipe interface could eliminate cavitation sound under guarantee the maximizing suction effect and protect the pump when the pump working under the ultimate pressure.

4. Ductile iron impeller has high strength and durability, and improves the corrosion resistance of 2BV Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump. Such as the wet parts using stainless steel material, it can work in a more serious environment.

5. Unique flexible design on discharge bore doesn’t produce over compression to ensure the best efficiency in the performance range.

6. All bearings are NTN or NSK foreign brand

7. All flexible seals of PTFE that could extend the working life under the serious condition.


Performance Range:

Max vacuum degree: 33Pa

Flow Capacity:20500m3/h

Shaft Power :1.118.5kW

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