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LRA(C) series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

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Product Description:

LRA(C) series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump is developed and made by us of advanced technology which is power saving and suitable for long term continuous running.

It is single stage and single-acting structure has advantages of simple structure, convenient maintenance, reliable running, high efficiency, power saving and higher vacuum degree which is much better than SK,2SK, SZ series products on domestic market. LRA(C) is the new generation product to replace SK,2SK, SZ series ideally.

Main characteristics:

1, All bearings are foreign brand to guarantee the precise positioning and stable running.

2, Main parts are machined by CNC machining centre

3, Impeller material is Ductile Cast Iron or welded steel plate to guarantee the stable running under the rigorous condition and longer life.

4, The shaft bush is made by stainless steel to get longer lifetime than common material.

5, High precise taper pulleys (belt drive models) and foreign brand V-belts are used to guarantee the stable running and longer life. And it is easily to dismantle or reassembly.

6, High-intensity flexible couplings (direct drive models) are used to guarantee the stable running and longer life. The coupling element is made by rubber.

7, Packing gland seal and Mechanical seal are available for diverse applications.

8, The unique design of upper separator is space-saving and lower the noise level efficiently.

9, There is inspection holes at sides of pump cover of LRC type Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump to check its clearance, corrosion condition and sediment condition.

10, Provided all flanges at top and sides of LRC type Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump with the same bore size for diverse type installations on site.

Performance Range:

Max vacuum degree: 160hpa or 33hPa

Flow Capacity:5.8646m3/min

Shaft Power :8.4808kW

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