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RR Roots Blower

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RR Roots Blower



  RR Roots type blowers/vacuum pumps are made with the technology introduced from Japan.
  1、Various models including pressure type, vacuum type, dry type, wet type etc.
  2、Small clearance position bearings made in Japan ensures the reliable rotor axial location.
  3、Bi-lobe rotors are made in casting iron, and can be replaced completely for the high precision machining.
  4、Dual splash lubrication
  5、Besides of labyrinth seals, mechanical seals and packing seals are also available to deliver different gases.
  Single stage blowers flow:0.95~452m3/min, pressure rise: 9.8~98kPa
  Single stage vacuum pumps flow: 0.51~452m3/min, vacuum: -9.8~-49kPa
  Single stage wet type vacuum pumps flow: 0.57~456m3/min, vacuum: -13.3~-53.3kPa
  Widely used in Power, petroleum, chemical, fertilizer, steel, metallurgy, oxygen producing, cement, textile, food, paper making, dust-cleaning, aquatic farming, sewage treatment, pneumatic conveying etc. diverse industries.

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