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Special Gas Roots Blower

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Special Gas Roots Blower

Special Gas Roots Blower talks about its Description:
RR series Roots type blowers are designed and produced with the advanced technology from Takio KIKAI INDUSTRIES CO.,LTD of Japan.
Special Gas Roots Blower talks about its Feature:
1.Various model and type such as positive pressure, negative pressure, dry type, wet type. The flow range is wide and can be chosen conveniently by users.
2.The specially tailor made imported small clearance bearings ensure the axial positioning of the impeller is reliable and easy to adjust.
3.Various seal type such as N type、K type、D type、R type、KR type、M type, to meet the requirement of various special gas.
4.The blower wetted parts can be made of stainless steel, cast steel, ductile iron and other special materials, and also Ni-P coating is available for the anti-corrosion treatment.
5.The impeller adopts integral casting structure, with high precision (no need matching during assembly), so that the impeller can be completely interchanged (single impeller).

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