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VR Series Steam Roots Compressor

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Steam Roots Compressor

VR Series Steam Roots Compressor

VR series steam Roots compressor that developed by our company has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving and stable operation. It can be widely applied to MVR system evaporation crystallization and evaporation concentration industry.
1.Large range of capacity and pressure rise and wide application that can be chosen conveniently by users. 
Evaporation Capacity :30-7400KG, Temperature Rise: 10-25℃
2.Various transmission modes are adopted by compressor and motor that ensure the stability of the operation. Simple structure, easy maintenance.
3.Patent impeller profile to ensure reliable seal performance, high efficiency and energy saving.
4.High machining accuracy, reliable operation, long service life
5.No lubrication inside the casing, and the design structure ensures that lubricating oil and steam will not mix up.
6.Compressor shaft seal can be chosen according to user requirement. Various seal type with good effect to ensure zero leakage of conveying steam.
7. Perfect material of compressor wetted parts is available to meet user requirement according to different transfer medium.
Order Instruction:
1.The compressor can be made of carbon steel, SS304,SS316,SS316L,duplex stainless steel, titanium and special corrosion resistant coating according to user requirement.
Please share the medium, suction capacity, suction temperature, pressure rise/temperature rise. Our company can provide customized Roots Steam Compressor according to user requirement.

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