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Geared Turbo Blower

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Geared Turbo Blower

Geared Turbo Blower is developed by technical authority of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Integrating all resources those representing the highest level of aerospace field in China in the Research, Technology, Production, Manufacturing. This Geared Turbo Blower’s aerodynamic performance and structure design achieves the worldwide advanced technology level.
1.Applying ternary theory design with high efficiency of 82%
2.Applying axial inlet guide vanes and a diffuser regulating device, flow regulation range can be the 45% to 110% of the rated flow, and get the higher efficiency in the off-rating operation conditions.
3.Applying integral structure design, blower body is assembled on the casing of the gear box, lubricating system, motor, and gear box are assembled on a common base which is also used as oil tank.
4.Applying strict dynamic balance to get low vibration, low noise, and high reliability.
5.Applying advanced blower structure design to make an easy installation, operation and maintenance. PLC to realize real time monitoring for the blower running, the vibration and temperature of the bearings, anti-surge control, the start of interlock protection, trouble alarm, lubricating oil pressure, and oil temperature control.
  Pressure rise:49~176.4kPa
Widely used in sewage water treatment, metallurgy, boiler fluidization, gas desulfurization, pharmacy, gas boosting etc. industries.

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