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ZW Roots Blower

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ZW Roots Blower

  ZW blowers with tri-lobe are the new products based on ZZ blowers which technology is from America.It the best choice if you want to save your investment.
  High efficiency tri-lobe rotor, low pulsation, and quiet running.
  Hardened teeth face for precision spur timing gears, and taper-lock shaft mounting.
  Max. speed of 5170 rpm, small outline, compact structure, easy maintenance.
  Over sized cylindrical roller bearings
  Low vibration
  Grease lubricating for driving side, oil lubricating for gear side.
  Air cooling
  Pressure to 68.6 KPa
  Flow: 0.5~63.81m3/min
  Widely used in waste water treatment, carpet cleaning, and pneumatic conveying etc. industries.

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