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TRK6008A Dry Bulk Truck Blower

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TRK6008A Dry Bulk Truck Blower

Truck Blower

  The TRK6008A is the most versatile truck blower available. Fitting a TRK6008A on your tractor means it will be ready to do any job necessary, fine powders, food products, large pellets, vacuum loading, anything. Keep your fleet size in control and make dispatching easy. High-pressure capability and wide speed range make the TRK6008A ideal for cement, sand, fly ash, flour, sugar, grain, pebble lime, plastic pellets and more.

  ● 20 psi continuous duty pressure rating
  ● Oil lubrication at both ends reduces bearing temperature and eliminates the need for greasing
  ● Bearing isolators are applied to meet the sealing at the high temperature
  ● Helical port design greatly reduces noise and smooths out airflow
  ● Low noise tri-lobe rotor
  ● Computer designed ribbing on body, end plates, and gear cases provides cooler discharge temperatures
  ● Easy Installation with vertical mounting kit
  ● Twin drive shaft offers either direction of rotation and ensures correct alignment of drive shaft upon  installation
  ● Packaged units available for on-site product transfer requirements

  Safe From Heat and Pressure
  ● Plug relieves 5-6 psi along with a 60-80°F drop in temperature
  ● One plug fitted on suction side and one on the delivery side
  ● Audibly alerts operator when plug melts at 22 psi
  ● Allows continued operation at lower pressure
  ● Plug does not eject molten material upon activation
  ● Consistent release of temperature from each plug

  Geared For Higher Efficiency
  ● Dynamically balanced efficient rotor for cooler operation
  ● Hardened teeth face for precision helical timing gear, taper-lock shaft mounting.

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