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PMSM Direct Drive Turbo Blower

Since the establishment of the company, it has been striving for survival on the basis of quality, seeking development on the basis of reputation, operating in accordance with the law, and paying taxes according to the regulations.


PMSM Direct Drive Turbo Blower

high standard

Aerospace Technology, Military Quality
Features: high technology, high standard, high performance, high reliability, high efficiency, high quality.
PMSM Direct Drive Turbo Blower talks about its Product characteristic:
1.    Variable frequency high-speed centrifugal blower adopts frequency conversion technology and equipped with AC permanent magnet synchronous motor.
2.    Completely customer design, optimizing the energy management.
3.    Best vane profile based on the aerodynamic design.
4.    High technology, high efficiency, high reliability, stable operation.
5.    Complete unit of equipment and system solutions.
PMSM Direct Drive Turbo Blower talks about its Main application:Paper making vacuum dewatering, power plant desulfurization, sewage aeration, petrochemical sulfur recovery, steam compression, V casting vacuum system, special process gas and etc.

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