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TZJK Slurry Pumps for Mineral Dressing

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TZJK Slurry Pumps for Mineral Dressing

Slurry Pumps for Mineral Dressing

  TZJK Slurry pumps, a new generation of “high efficiency, wear and corrosion resistance, no leakage” products especially for mineral processing application, are developed by the joint cooperation from Tsinghua University, ChinaUniversity of Mining and Technology, and us.

  Impeller profile adopts the international advanced solid-liquid two-phase flow velocity ratio theory to get good wear resistance, and high efficiency.

  Different materials of the pumps such as high chromium alloy, ceramic material, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene and other materials are available to meet a variety of high wear and corrosion conditions.

  Different product structures with horizontal double-casing pump, horizontal single-casing pump, and vertical single-casing pumps are available. There are also various impeller styles like closed impeller, open impeller, and semi-open impeller.
  The whole structure is designed fully considering the convenience of the site overhaul to get an easy repair and maintenance.

  TZJK Slurry Pumps for Mineral Dressing talks about its Duty:
  Flow Q: 5.3~2900m3/h
  Pressure Head H:7.5~105m.

  TZJK Slurry Pumps for Mineral Dressing talks about its Application:
  Iron ore, copper ore, gold ore, phosphate rock mining, steel making plant, and non-ferrous metal metallurgy.  

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