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ZR Type Rotary Valve

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ZR Type Rotary Valve

Rotary Valve

  Its standard type is ZRW with W style inlet, also P style inlet (special design) is available (ZRP). Body Material: Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel.
  ZR Type Rotary Valve talks about its Character:
  1.Compact structure, small size, good sealing capability, low leakage
  2.Specific technology of avoid blocking for conveying material at high rotary speed can guarantee steady operation.
  3.Application: dilute conveying system, long distance conveying system, dense conveying system and low velocity slug conveying system, low broken rate.
  ZR Type Rotary Valve talks about its Specification:
  Operation Pressure(△P):1.5Kgf (Powder),2.0Kgf (Granular).
  Rotor Volume:4.3L/r~80L/r
  Bore Size:DN150~DN450
  ZR Type Rotary Valve talks about its Application:
  For conveying or discharge the powder material or granular material in Chemical, Food, Power Station and Building Material industries.

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