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FL Type Diverter Valve

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FL Type Diverter Valve

Diverter Valve

FL Type Diverter Valve is an important equipment to change the material’s transport direction by switching the conveying pipe.
FL Type Diverter Valve talks about its Character:
1.Driven by cylinder device or electrical actuator, easily for switching direction and maintenance.
2.O-Ring Seal can bear high pressure.
3.The body is strong enough to bear diverse pipeline pressure.
4.The shaft can bear the max working pressure of the cylinder≤0.7Mpa.
5.The rotor’s angle can be easily adjusted by adjusting the cylinder’s stroke.
FL Type Diverter Valve talks about its Specification:
Pressure:-0.098~+0.2MPa .
Bore Size:DN50~DN200.
Pipe Forking Angle:45°.
Endure temperature:-30~250℃.
FL Type Diverter Valve talks about its Application:
For switching the conveying direction of powder material and granular material.

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