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TZJKT Series Ceramic Slurry Pump

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Ceramic Slurry Pump

TZJKT Series Ceramic Slurry Pump

TZJKT series ceramic slurry pump is developed based on the TZJ series slurry pump combined with the latest ceramic technology and it is awarded national invention patent.

Ceramic slurry pump has the significant wear-resisting performance compared to the metal slurry pump in metal concentrators, non-metal concentrators, smelters, etc. It has been recognized by customers since this pump entered the market.

"Wetted parts"-- wear-resistant ceramics: wear resistance, cavitation resistance, long life! The service life of ceramic flow parts is three times that of wear-resistant metal flow parts, which can really reduce cost and increase efficiency.

"Shaft seal" -- Shaft seal can choose the company's patented shaft seal technology: Expeller + mechanical seal, completely achieve zero leakage of shaft seal. Also can choose the traditional shaft seal way: Expeller + packing seal


Metal ore (gold, silver, copper, iron, plumbum, etc.) concentrator pulp feeding and all kinds of concentrate, tailings and various process material transportation;
Non-metallic ore (such as phosphate) concentrator pulp and all kinds of concentrate, tailings and transport of various process materials.

Transport of various abrasive slurry in the production of titanium dioxide, iron red powder, phosphate fertilizer and potash fertilizer.

Main feature: The wet parts are made of wear-resisting ceramic materials, whose wear resistance is more than 3 times that of high chromium wear-resisting alloy, and whose hardness is as high as Mohs hardness 9, next to diamond.

Pump impeller profile is the cooperation with domestic well-known universities, using the international most advanced solid-liquid two-phase flow velocity ratio theory design, high efficiency.

According to the working conditions, the shaft seal can use the company's unique "self-circulating cooling combined mechanical seal" patent technology, without packing root, to achieve zero maintenance, to ensure the seal effect; Also can use the traditional vice impeller + packing seal.

Ceramic wet parts have high hardness and are not affected by cavitation damage. They are anti-cavitation and have long service life.

Ceramic wet parts, small wear, small fluid loss, energy saving.


Capacity Q:50-2000m³/h

Head H:10-100m

The maximum particle size of the material <4mm;
The allowable slurry temperature is < 85℃

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