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SSR-K Roots Blower

Since the establishment of the company, it has been striving for survival on the basis of quality, seeking development on the basis of reputation, operating in accordance with the law, and paying taxes according to the regulations.






1, Thorough Development and Design for the best energy saving!

Comparison with SSR Series: Saving more than 30% as maximum, 10% as average in each model.Rotary blower transfer the gas into the cavities between casing and impeller. There is some backflow of gas from discharge to suction end because of pressure difference. In K model, to prevent this backflow, the clearance between casing and impeller is minimized to secure the best volumetric efficiency. And the widest cavity formed by specially designed impeller, high rotating speed, and energy-saving V-belt achieve the better energy saving.

2, Compact Design

Specially designed impeller and high rotating speed of K achieve more than 120% of maximum capacity compared with our previous model (SSR with same bore size).

Least footprint with newly designed suction silencer (shortened its height) to less the blower packing size.

3, Designed for Lower Noise and Vibration!

Upgrade designed 3 lobe impeller, and exquisite design mechanical performance.

Newly designed casing structure will reduce the pulsation when compressing gas and newly designed suction silencer could reduce the pneumatic noise. The special designed blower shaft structure will further lower its noise and vibration.

4, Compatibility for Replacement and Easy Maintenance

In case of the same bore as previous model SSR, the foundation works and modification of piping will not be required for the replacement from SSR to K model.

Bearings at driving end are lubricated by grease. No maintenance work is required for them.

Also, for easy replacement of the air filter, lifting handle is provided on filter cover.

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