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Advantages of Wall Mounted Ventilators


After staying in a room for a long time, we all know that we need to have large windows, ventilate our room, change the ventilation, and without ventilation for a long time, our body will feel very stuffy, and germs will multiply and affect our health. After the technology is mature, some families will install wall-mounted ventilators to help the family complete ventilation. Next, let's take a look at the advantages of wall-mounted ventilators.

Special fan motor developed by new technology, shaft through adjustment and special treatment of hard chrome, no deformation of shaft, no rust, oil-impregnated bearing of copper, automatic lubrication, no noise when rotating, low input power, galvanized impeller structure, balanced, Beautiful appearance, good air supply effect, low noise, and a service life of up to 45.000 hours.

The advantages of wall-mounted ventilators, in view of the shortcomings of wall-mounted ventilators for heating in winter and the deformation of the wind wheel, have cooperated with scientific research institutions to develop aluminum alloy metal-infused fan blades that can work at high temperatures, which solves the problem of heating in winter and prolongs the time. life.

All wall-mounted ventilators are controlled by computer programs. Infrared wireless remote control, all functions have one-touch, time switch, temperature setting, three-level wind speed (high-medium-low) automatic adjustment, wind direction automatic conversion and other functions. You can also choose a temperature control switch, which automatically turns on and off according to the designed room temperature, providing a quiet and comfortable working and production environment.

In line with the requirements of on-site construction, as long as the windmill fixing plate and the air outlet flange are removed to exchange positions, the direction of the takeover will be changed immediately, thus saving installation time and energy, which is very convenient. The product adopts a quality management production system, and has undergone strict testing and inspection before leaving the factory. It is specially equipped with a cold water plate and a drainage device, which is convenient for maintenance.

Ventilation equipment is the various facilities that complete the ventilation work in the building, which is divided into natural ventilation and mechanical ventilation, also known as ventilation. Natural ventilation is a method of using natural wind pressure, air temperature difference, air density difference, etc. to ventilate and transmit air to areas such as indoors, mines or shafts. Mechanical ventilation relies on the air pressure and air volume provided by the fan, and sends outdoor fresh air or treated air to any workplace in the building through pipes and air supply and exhaust system; or discharges the polluted air in the building to the Outdoor, or send it to the purification device to pass the treatment and then discharge the ventilation method.

The wall-mounted ventilator can well solve the situation that our indoor air is not circulating. In addition to that, wall mounted ventilators are very easy to maintain, simple to control, easy to install, no hassle, no too much noise when running, and no more operating costs. It can be said that it is a good product and worth using. The above are the advantages of wall-mounted ventilators, if you want to know more, please feel free to contact us!


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