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Reasons for air leakage of Roots blower


First determine what causes the Roots blower to leak. We can't just adjust the valve to solve this problem. This will cause the blower to appear overpressure, overload the blower, and burn out the motor. You can refer to the analysis of Ruituo fan:

Large Size Roots Blower suppliers

1. Check the pressure gauge of the fan to see whether the pressure of the fan has increased. If the pressure of the fan has exceeded the previous pressure value, the current of the fan has increased. The air leakage caused by this reason is to remind us that the pressure is too high. As long as the pressure of the fan is returned to normal, the Roots fan will leak again.
2. If the pressure of the Roots fan is normal or low, but the current of the fan has dropped. This may be because the valve spring of the fan is too loose, you can adjust the valve elasticity of the fan, if it still does not return to normal after adjustment, then you can only replace the valve.

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