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A Brief Introduction to Steam Roots Compressor


There are also many types of steam compressors in the market. MVR steam compressors can be divided into Roots-type steam compressors and single-stage high-speed centrifugal steam compressors. The core of MVR technology energy saving is to use the enthalpy of the secondary steam to increase its temperature through compression as a heat source to replace the fresh steam, that is, to add a part of the compressor to do work to realize the circular evaporation. Therefore, the purpose of evaporation and concentration can be achieved by relying on the self-circulation of the evaporation system without external fresh steam. In this way, the steam that was originally to be discarded is fully utilized, the latent heat is recovered, and the thermal efficiency is improved.

Wholesale Steam Roots Compressor

When it comes to the structure of MVR Roots vapor compressors, there are also various forms, such as belt drive and direct drive. In the evaporation industry, MVR Roots vapor compressors are often operated in the vacuum range, with medium heating surface loads and low temperature differences. Small, so Roots-type vapor compressors are often used. For its material, the steam compressor made of stainless steel has great advantages, because its rollers are made of stainless steel, so it still maintains good corrosion resistance even in high temperature and high humidity environment. 

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