Structure features of Roots Vacuum Pump supplier china


Do you know the structural characteristics of Roots Vacuum Pump supplier china? Let’s take a look at it briefly below!
1. Larger pumping speed in a wider pressure range;
2. The rotor has good geometric symmetry, so the vibration is small and the operation is stable. There are gaps between the rotors and between the rotors and the casing, no lubrication is required, and the friction loss is small, which can greatly reduce the driving power, so that a higher speed can be achieved;
3. The pump cavity does not need to be sealed and lubricated with oil, which can reduce the pollution of oil vapor to the vacuum system;

Roots Vacuum Pump supplier china
4. There is no compression in the pump chamber and no exhaust valve. Simple and compact structure, insensitive to dust and water vapor in the pumped gas;
5. The compression ratio is low, and the effect of hydrogen pumping is poor;
6. The surface of the rotor is a curved cylinder with a complex shape, which is difficult to process and inspect. Roots vacuum pumps have developed rapidly at home and abroad in recent years. It has been widely used in smelting, petrochemical, electrical, electronics and other industries.
The above is a brief introduction of some knowledge about the structural characteristics of Roots Vacuum Pump supplier china.