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The hazards of high temperature of Roots blower


The danger of high temperature of Roots blower? It is inevitable that the temperature of the Roots fan will be too high during operation. When the temperature of the fan is too high, it needs to be dealt with in time, otherwise it will bring great harm to the fan.
1. The bearings of Roots blower cannot withstand high temperature for a long time. High temperature will cause excessive pressure on the bearings, resulting in deformation and wear.

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2. The oil seal of the Roots blower is generally made of plastic, and high temperature will cause the plastic to soften and deform, resulting in oil leakage.
3. The change of the gap also affects the normal operation of the fan, thermal expansion and contraction, high temperature. The gap between the castings will be narrowed, the friction will increase, and the castings will be damaged.
4. High temperature will increase the internal pressure of the fan, and the parts will work under greater pressure during operation, increasing energy consumption and lowering the energy conversion rate.
5. Excessive temperature will damage the parts of the fan and shorten the service life of the machine.

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