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Causes and solutions of rotary feeder valve blockage


First, the reasons for the material itself, whether it is sticky, how fluid it is, the particle size of the powder, etc.
Second, the size and diameter of the rotary valve, whether it leads to material bridging, whether the design of the rotor conforms to the material characteristics, etc.

Low price Rotary Feeder

Material can become lodged or pinched between the rotor blades and the housing or top plate, clogging the rotary feeder and excessively wearing the rotary feeder assembly. This problem is more likely to occur with large fibrous materials (such as wood fibers) or hard materials (such as some plastic pellets). Interference can also occur when the rotary feeder is undersized.
First, check the rotation of the rotary feeder. Does the rotor turn clockwise (or counterclockwise) as intended by the manufacturer? Does the rotor turn smoothly without touching the housing or top plate? Do you hear or feel the rotary feeder vibrate? Chattering can indicate that material is lodged between the blade tip and the housing, eventually causing the drive chain to "jump" or the rotary feeder to stall.

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