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Application of CVP Turbo Vacuum Pump in Paper Mill


New Application of TB Turbo Vacuum Pump in Paper Mill
Background Introduction :

In the process of paper making, vacuum technology is mainly used for vacuum dewatering of paper machine. At present, most of the vacuum equipment in paper mill are liquid ring vacuum pumps with high energy consumption, low efficiency and pollution of water resources, which is difficult to meet the energy-saving and emission reduction goals proposed by the government.

IIMarket Analysis :

China is the largest papermaking country in the world, with more than 3,000 paper mills. In recent years, turbo vacuum pump technology is increasingly mature that more and more turbo vacuum pumps are used in vacuum system of paper mill.
Turbo vacuum pump suction flow capacity is large and its footprint is less compared with the traditional liquid ring vacuum pump that saves much cost of construction, water and electricity. Also the large number of high temperature gas generated by the Turbo vacuum pump is properly utilized that will further reduce the investment and operation cost. The cost saves from 1~2 years’ running of Turbo vacuum pump will be equivalent to the initial modification investment.

IIIProduct Feature :   

At present, the turbo vacuum equipment in China is in the initial stage with small scale, and the large paper mill still uses imported turbo equipment. The price of foreign products is generally more than twice that of domestic products. The long delivery time and poor after-sale service suggests that the market has great potential for substitution. It will be a trend to replace foreign products with domestic products.


In order to meet the market demand, Shandong Zhangqiu Blower Co.,Ltd develops and produces CVP series of turbo vacuum pump jointly with Beihang University by using the existing proprietary intellectual property technology. The performance and structural design of CVP series turbo vacuum pump achieves the advanced level of similar products in China and abroad.
Technical index:
Vacuum degree: -20~ -85kPa (G),
Flow capacity: 40~1500 m3/min.


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