Typical Application of Blower in MVR System


Typical Application of Blower in MVR System

IWorking Principle :

MVR is the abbreviation of Mechanical Vapor Recompression. It refers to a technology that recompress the secondary vapor generated from the evaporator by the compressor and convert the electrical power to be thermal power to increase the vapor temperature and enthalpy. Then the vapor will go back to the heat exchanger to heat the liquid vaporize continuously as a heater. By this way, much energy is saved because of less power source is required.

IICharacters :

1. The system fully utilizes the latent heat of secondary vapor generated by itself to save the energy.
2. The secondary vapor generated by system itself will be converted to be condensated water and discharged from the system. No vapor is discharged and of environmental protecting.
3. No need to supplement any new vapor during system running except initial stage. The dependency on new vapor is reduced .

IIIFlow diagram:


IVMain facility:

Core Equipment: Vapor Compressor 
Main Equipment: Heater, Separator 
Rotary machines: Vapor compressor and pumps, centrifugal machine
Other equipment and accessories: tanks, operating table, PLC control cabinet, instrumentation, valve and piping

VSZB Products in MVR:

Series CBV Vapor Compressor
Evaporation Capacity:1t/h-100t/h
Saturated Temperature Rise:5-72℃