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How to replace gear oil for Roots blower


1. Replace gear oil
We clean up the gear oil in the fan first, and then add new gear oil. Time to add gear oil: After the fan has been running for one month, the second time is after the fan has been running for three months. In the later period, the fan can be replaced once every six months after long-term operation.

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2. Check the oil volume of the fan:
The oil volume of each Roots blower can be observed through the side oil mirror of the gear, and the oil volume of the fan can be observed when the fan is turned off. When the lubricating oil in the fan is lower than the middle, the lubricating oil should be added in time. If the oil is higher than the middle, then there may be situations such as high oil temperature, gas leakage and so on.
3. Storage of lubricating oil:
When we add gear oil, the remaining gear oil cannot be exposed to the outside. This is to prevent pollutants from entering the lubricating oil barrel and causing lubricating oil pollution. Then, keep the oil away from fire sources, and tighten the cover after using the lubricating oil to keep the lubricating oil barrel sealed. And separate the new lubricating oil from the waste lubricating oil. The barrel containing the waste lubricating oil cannot be filled with new lubricating oil, so as to prevent pollution.

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