Roots blower model selection method


1. Model selection
When selecting the blower model of the sewage treatment plant, the technical parameters given in the product catalog of the fan manufacturer are all the technical parameters in the state of the standard air inlet, but the fan is not in the standard state when it is actually used. When the living environment and working conditions of the blower such as ambient temperature, At the same time, the performance of the fan will change. It is not possible to directly use the technical parameters in the product catalog when formulating the model selection. It is required to calculate the technical performance of the fan according to the actual use situation. The main parameters of the fan in the state of the air inlet are selected by the model.

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2. Pressure
The pressure of the exhaust pipe of the volumetric blower is not determined by the fan itself, but by the installation condition after the gas is discharged from the blower, that is, the so-called "back pressure type". The explosion blower has the characteristics of a mandatory gas gathering station. The exhaust pipe pressure indicated on the blower factory nameplate is the rated value exhaust pipe pressure of the fan. In fact, the blower can also work under any pressure lower than the rated exhaust pressure, so as long as the local exhaust temperature allows, it can also work beyond the rated exhaust pressure.
Therefore, in the manufacturing operation, the system must be adjusted in time for this transformation, so that the oxygen addition capacity of the blower is consistent with the oxygen consumption during specific operation. For Roots blowers, it is very cost-effective to use frequency converter to adjust the air supply and exhaust air volume by changing the fan speed ratio.

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