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What is the biggest difference between Roots blower and centrifugal blower


In our work, we will use many types of fans, and there are many classifications of the same fans. As a professional fan manufacturer, I will explain to you here.
The pressure of the centrifugal fan, even if the high pressure is 10KPA, the pressure unit of the general centrifugal fan is Pa, the Roots fan is Kpa, and the maximum pressure of the Roots fan is 98kpa.

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Air volume
The air volume of centrifugal fans is much larger than that of Roots fans. Large Roots fans have an air volume of 20,000 per hour, while centrifugal fans can reach hundreds of thousands. The selection of centrifugal fans generally focuses on the air volume, while the Roots fan generally focuses on pressure.
Performance characteristics
Centrifugal fans are large-flow fans. The air volume is driven by the centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the impeller. The air volume varies greatly with the pressure. For the same centrifugal fan, the higher the pressure, the smaller the air volume. Roots blower is a positive displacement blower, and the air volume changes relatively little with the change of pressure, which belongs to constant flow blower.
Applicable fields
Roots blowers are generally used in environmental protection industries, such as pneumatic conveying, sewage treatment, etc. Centrifugal fans are relatively versatile and can be used for smoke exhaust and air supply, and can be used in various industries.

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