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How to maintain and maintain the customized gear turbo blower


The operation and service life of a customized gear turbo blower depends on correct and frequent maintenance and care, and attention should be paid to any accidents. In addition to the general maintenance procedures, the following points must be noted:
1. Check the tightness of each part and whether the positioning pin is loose.
2. Whether there is any water or oil leakage inside the customized gear turbo blower.
3. There must be no fouling, rust, or peeling inside the gear turbo blower.
4. Pay attention to whether the cooling of the lubricating oil is normal, pay attention to the quality of the lubricating oil, always listen to the noise when the customized gear turbo blower is running, and pay attention to whether the unit is working under non-compliant conditions.
5. Sometimes the overload of the customized gear turbo blower will not be displayed immediately, so pay attention to the rising trend of the intake and exhaust pressure, bearing temperature and motor current to determine whether the machine is operating normally.
6. Before disassembling the customized gear turbo blower, measure the matching size of the machine, make a record, and mark on other parts to ensure assembly and maintain the original matching requirements.
7. After the overhaul, the oil tank of the new machine or blower should be cleaned according to the usage steps and put into operation. It is recommended to change all lubricants after 8 hours of operation.
8. For maintenance and overhaul, a reasonable maintenance system should be formulated according to the specific conditions of use, and it should be carried out on schedule and recorded.

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