What are the reasons for the overcurrent of the Roots blower


1. It may be because the outlet pipe of the Roots blower is blocked, which causes the air inside the blower to not be discharged and the pressure rises, which overloads the motor voltage of the Roots blower and then overcurrent.

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2. There is an error in use. When using the Roots blower, if the impeller of the blower is reversed or the valve is not opened, it will also lead to overcurrent in the blower, and even burn the motor in serious cases.
3. It may also be due to the lack of maintenance of the Roots fan itself. If the fan is not maintained for a long time and the fan is in a state of lack of lubricating oil, then the impeller of the fan will be worn without gear oil, which will increase the motor load of the fan. Ambassador fan overcurrent.
4. It may also be due to the quality problem of the Roots fan. Due to the technical reasons of some manufacturers, during the production of the fan, the deviation of the processing is not stable, so that many parts of the fan cannot operate normally, resulting in the normal operation of the fan. There will be mutual wear and tear, resulting in an overcurrent phenomenon in the motor load.