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Low price Steam Roots Compressor Introduces the sealing structure of steam compressors


How much do you know about the sealing structure of steam compressors? The Low price Steam Roots Compressor editor will take you to a brief look at it.

Low price Steam Roots Compressor
The sealing structure of a steam compressor belongs to the technical field of sealing of steam compressors, and includes a gear box, a high-speed shaft partially arranged in the gear box, and an oil seal arranged between the gear box and the high-speed shaft. The body also includes a shaft sleeve sleeved on the part of the high-speed shaft outside the gear box body; a steam seal body, sealed on the periphery of the shaft sleeve; an isolation seal body, set on the steam seal In the gap between the casing and the gear box, it is used to block the steam escaping from the matching area between the shaft sleeve and the steam seal body. This sealing structure is used to solve the problem of the oil seal of the steam compressor gearbox. It can effectively avoid the deterioration of lubricating oil, save the replacement cost and improve the production efficiency of the enterprise.
The above is what Low price Steam Roots Compressor tells: a brief introduction to the knowledge about the sealing structure of steam compressors.

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