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The Basics of Steam Roots Compressor manufacturers


Steam Roots Compressor manufacturers include organic casing, air inlet mechanism, double mechanical seal mechanism, bottom plate, drive mechanism and air outlet duct. There is an L-shaped mounting plate at the four corners of the bottom of the casing, and the air inlet mechanism includes a The air inlet duct is provided with a filter component and a spray water mist component in the air inlet duct. The driving mechanism includes a driving motor, and a rotating rod is arranged on the output shaft of the driving motor. The middle section of the rotating rod is sleeved with a driving impeller. There is a rotating rod, the rotating rod is provided with a driven impeller, and the top of the air inlet pipe is provided with a connecting flange. The beneficial effect of the utility model is that the filter assembly and the spray cooling assembly can filter the dust and dust in the gas, and at the same time It also cools the compressor, and the duplex stainless steel casing, driving impeller and driven impeller can solve the phenomenon of serious corrosion and cavitation when transporting steam and special gases.

The above is a brief introduction to the basics of Steam Roots Compressor manufacturers.

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