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Low price Ceramic Slurry Pump introduces the knowledge of the selection of the cylinder liner material of the mud pump


Some important parts of mud pumps are difficult to maintain, and cylinder liners are especially important. Because the working surface of the cylinder liner is in contact with high-temperature and high-pressure gas, there is a piston ring that reciprocates at high speed on its surface, which determines that the cylinder liner must not only have sufficient strength and rigidity, but also need high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance. damage. Let's follow the editor of Low price Ceramic Slurry Pump to take a look at the material selection of cylinder liner!

1. Features of cast iron materials
Due to its excellent sliding characteristics and production processability, the cylinder liner has always been made of flake graphite. This cast iron material was originally designed to meet the needs of wear resistance and strength. Although it has a hard pearlite matrix and finer graphite through the addition of alloys, in order to further improve its performance, in recent years, composite materials of dispersed hardened products have become Mainstream.  
2. The effect of material on the sliding characteristics of the cylinder liner (cylinder)
At the beginning of the operation of the cylinder liner (cylinder), the surface of the base body when the sliding surface is processed flows, and most of the graphite or hardened layer is exposed on the surface. Therefore, in the early stage of operation, the properties of the machined surface determine its sliding characteristics. The effect of the material is obviously manifested after the mid-stage of partial mirroring.
The above is the story of the editor of Low price Ceramic Slurry Pump: small knowledge about the selection of the cylinder liner material of the mud pump.

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