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Low price Ceramic Slurry Pump talks about common problems in mud pump operation


Do you know any common problems in the operation of mud pumps? The editor of Low price Ceramic Slurry Pump will show you a brief look.
1. The water pump vibrates. The reason may be that the pump shaft is not concentric with the diesel engine (or motor), the impeller is unbalanced, and the bearing is damaged. It can be solved by adjusting the concentricity, making a balance test of the impeller, and replacing the bearing.
2. The pump wears out quickly. This situation is usually due to poor construction environment (large particles), long conveying distance, and long water inlet pipeline. Generally, it is possible to replace the battlefield, add afterburners, shorten the length of the inlet pipe to reduce cavitation.
3. The impeller journal wears quickly because of the low head of the high-pressure water pump, the misalignment of the packing, and the misalignment of the pump shaft and the back cover. Replace the high-pressure pump higher than the mud pump head, replace the packing, and adjust the concentricity.

4. Outlet pressure, there is air in the pump, the gap between the impeller and the front liner is large, the clutch is not closed tightly, and the impeller or liner is worn. In this case, the gas in the pump can be drained, the clearance can be adjusted to adjust the clearance of the clutch friction plate, and the impeller or liner can be replaced.
5. The pump does not absorb water. This situation is usually caused by insufficient water injection, inability to discharge the air in the pump, air leakage in the suction pipe, and large gap between the front liner and the impeller. You can continue to fill the water diversion, check whether the pipeline is leaking, adjust the gap between the impeller and the front liner to solve the problem.
The above is the story of the editor of Low price Ceramic Slurry Pump: a brief introduction to the common problems related to the operation of the mud pump.

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