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Ceramic Slurry Pump Manufacturers china introduces the precautions for mud pumps


How much do you know about the precautions of the mud pump? Follow the editor of Ceramic Slurry Pump Manufacturers china to understand it briefly!

Before starting the mud pump, please check whether the inlet and outlet pipes are blocked, whether the front and rear bearings are filled with butter, and check whether the packing is full. The mud pump should be equipped with a high-pressure clean water pump when it is working. The clean water that is greater than the pressure of the mud pump should be delivered to the anti-leakage packing to protect the packing. The flushing pump must not be turned off when the mud pump is working, otherwise the sealing part will be quickly worn. Whether the gap between the impeller and the guard plate is reasonable has a great impact on the life of the mud pump. If the clearance is unreasonable, vibration and noise will be generated when the pump is running, and the flow-through components will be quickly damaged. Therefore, when replacing the impeller, pay attention to making the clearance meet the requirements of the drawing. The clearance adjustment can be carried out through the adjustment screw on the rear bearing body. The allowable suction stroke of the mud pump is measured when the clean water is being transported, and the influence of the mud on the suction capacity should be considered when the mud is pumped.
In summary, the editor of Ceramic Slurry Pump Manufacturers china tells: a brief introduction to the relevant knowledge about the precautions of the mud pump.

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