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The difference between Diverter Valve For sale and manifold valve


Diverter Valve For sale, also known as speed synchronization valve, is the general name of Diverter Valve For sale, manifold valve, one-way Diverter Valve For sale, one-way manifold valve and proportional Diverter Valve For sale in hydraulic valves. Synchronous valves are mainly used in dual-cylinder and multi-cylinder synchronous control hydraulic systems. There are usually many ways to achieve synchronous movement, but among them, the synchronous control hydraulic system using the shunt collecting valve-synchronous valve has many advantages such as simple structure, low cost, easy manufacturing, and strong reliability. Therefore, the synchronous valve is used in the hydraulic system. Wide range of applications. The synchronization of the diverting and collecting valve is speed synchronization. When two or more oil cylinders bear different loads, the diverting and collecting valve can still ensure its synchronous movement. So do you know the difference between Diverter Valve For sale and manifold valve? Let's take a look at it briefly!
1. The collecting valve is installed on the oil return line of the two actuators to collect the return oil flow of the two loads together to return the oil;
2. The two flow sensors of Diverter Valve For sale share the inlet pressure. The larger the flow sensor's passing flow, the lower the outlet pressure; the two flow sensors of the collecting valve share the same outlet, and the greater the flow sensor's passing flow, the inlet pressure Higher. Therefore, the pressure feedback direction of the collecting valve is just opposite to that of Diverter Valve For sale;
3. The collecting valve can only ensure synchronization when the actuator returns to the oil.

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