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Customized Slurry Pumps for Alumina process from China introduce the installation matters of Centrifugal Fan?


How much do you know about the installation of Centrifugal Fan? Let’s take a look at it with the editor of Customized Slurry Pumps for Alumina process from China!
1. The installation of Centrifugal Fan as a whole unit should be directly placed on the foundation and leveled with pairs of inclined shim irons.
2. For the Centrifugal Fan assembled on site, the cutting surface on the base should be properly protected, and there should be no rust or manipulation. When the base is placed on the foundation, it should be leveled with a pair of inclined shim irons.
3. The bearing seat and the base should be closely connected. The longitudinal unlevelness should not exceed 0.2/1000. Use a level to measure on the main shaft, and the horizontal unlevel bottom should not exceed 0.3/1000. Use a level on the horizontal center of the bearing seat. measuring.

4. The rotor axis line and the casing axis line should be calibrated before the bearing bush is scraped, and the gap between the impeller and the air inlet and the gap between the main shaft and the shaft hole on the rear side of the casing should be adjusted to make it in line with the equipment technology. Document regulations.
5. When the main shaft and the bearing bush are assembled, they should be inspected according to the equipment technical documents. The interference between the bearing cap and the bearing shell should be 0.03 to 0.04 mm (measure the outer diameter of the bearing shell and the inner diameter of the bearing seat).
6. When assembling the fan casing, the position of the casing should be aligned with the rotor axis line as the reference, and the axial and radial clearances between the inlet of the impeller and the inlet of the casing should be at a high speed to the range specified in the equipment technical file. At the same time, check whether the anchor bolts are tight. If the clearance value is not specified in the equipment technical documents, the general axial clearance should be 1/100 of the outer diameter of the impeller, and the radial clearance should be evenly distributed, and its value should be 1.5/1000~3/1000 of the outer diameter of the impeller. The smaller diameter takes the larger value). When adjusting, try to make the gap smaller to improve the efficiency of the fan.
7. When the fan is aligned, the different axial degrees of the fan shaft and the motor shaft: the radial positioning shift should not exceed 0.05 mm, and the tilt should not exceed 0.2/1000.
8. The Centrifugal Fan for rolling bearing assembly, the bearing holes on the two bearing frames have different axial degrees, after the rotor is installed, it is subject to flexible rotation.
The above is the Customized Slurry Pumps for Alumina process from China editor introducing Centrifugal Fan installation related knowledge, I hope you can learn more.

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