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The customized Slurry Pumps for Alumina process from China tells: What is the debugging method of Centrifugal Fan?


Centrifugal Fan is a complex equipment, mainly composed of air inlet, damper, impeller, motor, and air outlet. Under different conditions, its effect is different. Therefore, the operating conditions of different parts are not uniform, so the effect will also be affected. If you want to adjust to a good state, you can adjust from the following aspects, follow the customized Slurry Pumps for Alumina process from China editor to learn about it!
1. Centrifugal Fan allows full-voltage starting or reduced-voltage electric, but it should be noted that the current at full-voltage starting is about 5-7 times the rated current, and the reduced-voltage starting torque is proportional to the square of the voltage. When the grid capacity is insufficient, Start with reduced voltage.
2. During the test run, you should carefully read the product manual and check whether the wiring method is consistent with the wiring diagram; you should carefully check whether the working voltage of the power supply to the fan meets the requirements, whether the power supply is lacking or in the same phase, and whether the capacity of the distributor components Meet the requirements.
3. During the test run, there are no less than two people. One person controls the power supply, and the other observes the operation of the fan. If any abnormal phenomenon is found, stop and check immediately; first check whether the rotation direction is correct; after the Centrifugal Fan starts to run, immediately check whether the operating current of each phase is balanced 、Whether the current exceeds the rated current; if there is any abnormality, stop the machine for inspection. After running for five minutes, stop the machine and check if there is any abnormality in the fan, confirm that there is no abnormality, and then start the machine.
4. When testing the dual-speed Centrifugal Fan, start at low speed first and check whether the rotation direction is correct; when starting at high speed, wait until the fan is stationary before starting to prevent high-speed reverse rotation, which may cause switch trips and motor damage.
5. When reaching the normal speed, measure whether the input current of the fan is normal, and the operating current of the Centrifugal Fan cannot exceed its rated current. If the operating current exceeds its rated current, check whether the supplied voltage is normal.
6. The motor power required by the Centrifugal Fan refers to the larger power required for the Centrifugal Fan and the fan case when the air inlet is fully opened under certain working conditions. If the air inlet is fully opened for operation, the motor may be damaged. It is recommended to close the valve on the inlet or outlet pipe of the fan during the test run, and gradually open the valve after operation until the required working condition is reached, and pay attention to whether the operating current of the fan exceeds the rated current.
The above is the editor of customized Slurry Pumps for Alumina process from China: I hope you can learn more about the related knowledge of Centrifugal Fan debugging methods.

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