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What matters should be checked when the special gas Roots blower is turned on


For equipment such as special gas Roots blowers, it is necessary to check after a long period of operation. Especially in winter, because of the low temperature outside, the overall operation of the equipment will also be affected. What are the specific start-up inspections?
1. Whether the base and belt cover of the special gas Roots blower are fixed;
2. Whether the oil level in the casing is within the specified range;

Special Gas Roots Blower

3. The tightness and wear of the transmission belt, if the wear is serious, it should be replaced in time;
4. Confirm that the manual valve of the fan outlet pipeline is open;
5. The fan outlet safety valve has good working performance;
6. The fan inlet protective cover is not blocked, and there is no debris around;
7. The soft connection and conveying pipeline at the outlet of the fan are not damaged, and the sealing performance is good;
8. The special gas Roots blower on-site control switch is located on the required "central control" or "on-site" side.

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