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MAERZ Lime Kiln Promotion (We chat)

MAERZ Lime Kiln (also called Co-Current Heat Accumulated Kiln with Double Shafts) is developed by a Switzerland company named MAERZ OFENBAU AG and awarded the technology patent in 1965.

Application of CVP Turbo Vacuum Pump in Paper Mill

In the process of paper making, vacuum technology is mainly used for vacuum dewatering of paper machine. At present, most of the vacuum equipment in paper mill are liquid ring vacuum pumps with high energy consumption, low efficiency and pollution of water resources, which is difficult to meet the energy-saving and emission reduction goals proposed by the government.

Pay attention to temperature when using Roots Vacuum Pump For sale

During the operation of Roots Vacuum Pump For sale, the temperature change is also on the side to express whether the operation of the Roots Pump Equipment is good.

Disassembly method of Roots Vacuum Pump supplier china

Roots Vacuum Pump supplier china Before disassembling, measure and record the clearance of each part of the rotor.

Structure features of Roots Vacuum Pump supplier china

The rotor has good geometric symmetry, so the vibration is small and the operation is stable. There are gaps between the rotors and between the rotors and the casing, no lubrication is required, and the friction loss is small, which can greatly reduce the driving power, so that a higher speed can be achieved;

What is the composition of the Roots blower?

Roots blower is a positive displacement fan, which is the membrane sound at the end of the impeller and the front and rear ends of the fan.

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