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Low price Geared Turbo Blower

The Low price Geared Turbo Blower comprises a cylindrical shell with two ends open, and a front cover and a rear cover are sealed and connected to the two ends of the cylindrical shell respectively.

Typical Application of Roots Blower and Vacuum Pump in VPSA

Industrial oxygen-generating system-VPSA (Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption) is acirculating system to generate high purity oxygen (90~95%) continuously by utilizinga special Molecular sieve to adsorb the impurities (such as N2, CO2 and H2O)selectively from the air under the atmospheric pressure, and then desorb under vacuumcondition.The energy consumption of VPSA is low.

Typical Application of Blower in MVR System

MVR is the abbreviation of Mechanical Vapor Recompression. It refers to a technology that recompress the secondary vapor generated from the evaporator by the compressor and convert the electrical power to be thermal power to increase the vapor temperature and enthalpy.

Oxidation Blowers for FGD of Power Plant

Desulphurization of power plant refers to a process that to remove sulfur oxides (SO2 and SO3) from Flue Gas or other industrial waste gas. 

MAERZ Lime Kiln Promotion (We chat)

MAERZ Lime Kiln (also called Co-Current Heat Accumulated Kiln with Double Shafts) is developed by a Switzerland company named MAERZ OFENBAU AG and awarded the technology patent in 1965.

Application of CVP Turbo Vacuum Pump in Paper Mill

In the process of paper making, vacuum technology is mainly used for vacuum dewatering of paper machine. At present, most of the vacuum equipment in paper mill are liquid ring vacuum pumps with high energy consumption, low efficiency and pollution of water resources, which is difficult to meet the energy-saving and emission reduction goals proposed by the government.

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